Mark Lunsford, a former national sales manager at Helac Corporation and a specialist in power tilt and power grip, has recently joined WEITAI, a Chinese company known for producing high-quality hydraulic rotary actuators and other parts. In this interview, Mark shared his insights on the challenges facing the hydraulic industry, this year's CONEXPO event, and WEITAI's future in the industry.

At the beginning, Mark mentioned that he had worked with a wide customer base throughout the United States and Canada, and expressed excitement about bringing his experience to WEITAI. He remarked that the company has an advantage over American corporations because of its superior product quality and reasonable prices, which is a significant asset in a highly competitive industry.

Mr. Lunsford highlighted that the hydraulic industry has been facing a lot of challenges recently, primarily due to environmental concerns, such as climate change. With the shift towards electric vehicles, the industry is likely to experience considerable changes, impacting the demand for hydraulic rotary actuators. Nevertheless, he remarked that WEITAI is well-positioned to address these challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Regarding WEITAI's product quality, Mark emphasized the company's use of high-quality materials to produce its hydraulic rotary actuators, resulting in a reliable and durable product that requires minimal warranty service. Mr. Lunsford further praised WEITAI's highly efficient and well-managed factory, which reflects the company's commitment to high-quality manufacturing practices.

Mark also shared his experience at the recent CONEXPO event, where industry stakeholders came together to share ideas and solutions aimed at tackling the sector's challenges. He believes that such events are vital for exchanging knowledge and fostering innovation, which is necessary to address the industry's current challenges successfully.

In conclusion, Mr. Lunsford's insights highlight WEITAI's commitment to producing high-quality hydraulic rotary actuators through innovative solutions. He believes that his experience, combined with WEITAI's commitment to manufacturing excellence, sets the company apart from competitors, positioning it to lead the hydraulic industry toward a sustainable and innovative future.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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