Environmental legislation in different countries is being improved every year. Norms of emissions of harmful substances are being tightened, as are the mechanisms for their control. In such conditions, the industrial sector has to redesign and rebuild the standard models of machines and update technology.

Electric construction machines, such as excavators, loaders and others have been rising in popularity in the last years. More and more companies and individuals prefer electric machines to diesel and even hydraulic ones. In this article, we would like to explain why.

1.     High efficiency

These machines do not require any filters, oils and other consumables. The maintenance is not pricy and not hard, it mainly includes replacing bearings and cleaning the power unit. It is also highly efficient at low temperatures. There’s no risk of freezing the fuel as happens with diesel models. In general electric machines are not sensitive to temperature changes.

2.     Low noise

As we know, the construction job sites make a lot of noise. This causes inconvenience to both workers and people. Very often because of these reasons constructions are performed with shorter workdays and working hours. Electric excavators and skid loaders solve this problem as they produce a very low noise which even allows workers to talk to each other on the job site freely.

3.     Zero emission

Electric earthmoving machines are environmentally friendly as they meet zero-emission requirements. As a construction worker, spending the whole day at the job site means inhaling fumes and exhaust gases. Electric machines do not rely directly on burning fuels, so they are harmless for both machine operators and residents of surrounding areas.

As you can see, even these three reasons are strong enough to push the whole global construction industry towards manufacturing and using electric machines. At WEITAI we try to keep up with the trends, and design and manufacture electric excavators and skid loaders as well. To learn more about our machinery please send a message to our sales team.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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