As we know, first impressions are crucial. This statement applies to both personal and business communications. How often do you open a company website and don’t learn much about it even after reading all the information? How often even after the first conversation with the potential partners do you still feel insecure about doing business with them? For this article, we collected the most frequently asked questions about WEITAI and will gladly answer them.

Q1: Is WEITAI a manufacturer or a trading company?

A1: WEITAI GROUP is a China’s corporation specializing in R&D, manufacturing and exporting mobile hydraulics and earthmoving machinery. Some of the factories where we produce our products belong to WEITAI GROUP, some of them WEITAI GROUP invests in and some of them we use as subcontractors.

Q2: Does WEITAI sell its products in China?

A2: No, we do not. Our profile is the international market, we only focus on export.

Q3: What hydraulic parts does WEITAI produce?

A3: Our main mobile hydraulic product categories are excavator hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders. In addition, we can manufacture hydraulic valves and pumps.

Q4: What types of hydraulic motors does your company produce?

A4: WEITAI mainly produces brand new final drives, which consist of axial piston motors integrated with travel reducers. We can also produce hydraulic motors for wheeled machines. All our motors are compatible with all popular brand motors in the market.

Q5: What types of hydraulic cylinders does your company produce?

A5: Welded cross-tube and clevis hydraulic cylinders, tie-rod hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders, snowplow hydraulic cylinders, etc.

Q6: Can WEITAI produce hydraulic parts based on the customer's designs and dimensions?

A6: Yes, we can. We are ready to provide the best customized hydraulic solutions for your business.

Q7: What languages can WEITAI's customer support speak?
A7: We speak Chinese, English and Russian. If our customers are willing to conduct negotiations using the language our customer support doesn’t speak, WEITAI can invite an interpreter for the meeting.

Q8: Does WEITAI provide product samples?

A8: We usually do not, but if we sign a contract for a big supply of a certain product and this is the first time our customer orders from us, we are ready to negotiate the possibility of proving samples.

Q9: What types of construction machines does WEITAI produce?

A9: We produce a wide range of skid steer loaders, compact track loaders and wheeled mini excavators.

Q10: Why should I purchase from WEITAI?

A10: At WEITAI we value long-term cooperation, and to ensure that our customers return to us, we use an individual approach for each of them. What does this mean? Our main goal is to help our client’s businesses succeed. To achieve this goal, we conduct our customer’s local market research to discover the market trends. Depending on the scale of cooperation, we are ready to discuss prices and payment terms individually with every client. Also, if we see that your business has been evolving, we will manufacture a safety stock of popular models to ensure speedy delivery. Another reason why our customers come back to us is because we don’t cut costs when choosing materials and technologies used to manufacture our products, which helps to assure high quality. High quality guarantees longer durability, which makes our distributors’ customers come back to them, and makes us a reliable manufacturer and supplier.

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Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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