Products Valves
M7-25 Flow Sharing Multi-Directional Valve

Nominated diameter: 32 mm
Nominated flow: 600 L/min
Nominated pressure: 400 bar
Hydraulic and proportional control
Load pressure independent flow sharing (LUDV)

M4-15 Load Sensing Multi-Directional Valve

Nominated diameter: 15mm
Nominated flow: 150L/min
Nominated pressure: 380 bar
Up to 20 directional valve sections.
Mechanical, Hydraulic and Proportional control.
Load pressure compensation before Valve.
Flow control independent on load pressure.

M4-12 Load Sensing Multi-Directional Valve

Rated diameter: 12 mm
Rated flow: 100 L/min
Rated pressure: 380 bar
Mechanical, hydraulic and proportional controls

SM-12 Multi-Directional Valve

Open center control block
Diameter: 15 mm, 20 mm, 32 mm
Rated flow: 70 L/min, 150 L/min, 300 L/min
Rated pressure: 315 bar
Up to 10 directional valves sections
Mechanical and hydraulic controls