Experience the PowerTilt Advantage,win your free unit now!


We are pleased to announce that WEITAI's new PowerTilt product has completed final testing and is now available. With many years of experience in manufacturing rotary hydraulic actuators, WEITAI's PowerTilt is suitable for a wide range of mechanical accessories, making it an ideal component for field development and underground mining operations to increase machine productivity.

Reinventing the Industry: Our Commitment to Quality and Timely Delivery

In a bid to offer our customers a superior product experience, the WEITAI team has taken significant measures to bridge the industry's notorious delay in delivery. By investing heavily in research and development, imposing strict quality control measures, and streamlining both production processes and supply chain management, we have successfully reduced lead times without compromising on product quality.

Be Among the First to Experience the PowerTilt Advantage
As a valued customer, we invite you to take part in our exciting New Product Trial, offering exceptional rewards and opportunities to experience the PowerTilt firsthand. Here are the details:

1. New Customers: place a trial order from August 1-31 for a chance to win a free unit. If your trial is successful and a mass order is placed within six months, we'll count one unit as free. Only 10 spots available!

2. Social Media Shouters: Customers who forward the [New Product Trial] video/poster on FB, YT, or LinkedIn from August 1-31 and receive 50 likes can exchange for an Amazon gift card using @WEITAI tag.

3. Video Testers: Customers who shoot a small video using the sample product and release it to YT platform with @WEITAI by September 30th will receive 95% discount when placing an order from October 1, 2023 to December 1, 2023.
Don't miss this chance,  WE timely delivery can make in your business,contact us for more details, send an email to sales@weitai-group.com
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