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As one of the leading hydraulic suppliers in China, Weitai Hydraulic is dedicated to providing top-quality hydraulic products and services to distributors and manufacturers. With OEM and ODM factories at our disposal, we're proud to stand by our products with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

In order to show our appreciation to both our new and long-standing customers, Wei Tai is thrilled to announce a limited-time promotion.

Hydraulic actuators play a crucial role in various heavy-duty applications by converting energy from pressurized fluids and hydraulic power units. These versatile devices enable the movement, sliding, rotation, and lifting of engineering equipment, with screw actuators being particularly powerful, intelligent, and user-friendly for such tasks.

Hanging Basket Applications
Screw actuators are expertly mounted between the boom and basket of bucket trucks, serving two essential functions simultaneously:
1. By hydraulically rotating the platform to the desired working position (typically 180 degrees or less), these actuators allow for precise control. This position is maintained securely by the integrated balancing valve, which prevents any drifting of the platform.

2. As robust superstructures, screw actuators support the entire load weight of the platform, including the crew and their tools and equipment.

Crane Applications

Cranes demand precise positioning control to maneuver materials accurately. As such, the crane's rotation needs to be smooth and steady. The use of hydraulic actuators, particularly rotary actuators, ensures this level of precision and control during operation.

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