WEITAI Gears Up to Launch New Product: Power Tilt


In the realm of industrial machinery, delivery timeframes can make or break the decision-making process.  High-caliber brands like HELAC and HKS have set a standard for quality but have left a void in the industry due to extended delivery times.  Recognizing this, WEITAI, a company committed to bridging gaps in the industry, has invested significant resources into research and development to tackle this challenge head-on.  The result is our latest product offering: Power Tilt.

WEITAI's Power Tilt is not a rushed solution. It’s the product of years of expertise in the manufacturing of rotary hydraulic cylinders. Our previous partnerships with major Chinese mining machinery conglomerates and excavator giants speak volumes about our dedication to quality and our proven track record. WEITAI's Power Tilt promises exactly this: a reliable solution built upon stable, tested, and proven technology.
One of the significant advantages that we offer with our new Power Tilt product is a substantially reduced delivery period. Unlike the lengthy waiting period offered by other leading brands, WEITAI's streamlined production processes and efficient supply chain management allow for shorter delivery times without compromising the quality of the product.
Currently, our Power Tilt product is in the final stages of development. OTechnical analysis will be ready by the end of June, with production starting in July. Rigorous testing in August will make certain that our product can withstand real-world conditions, ensuring that it meets and exceeds industry standards. We are excited to announce that our Power Tilt will be ready for the market by September.
WEITAI isn't just about providing a product; it's about offering a solution to an industry-wide problem and growing together with our customers.
For product information, please send an email tosales@weitai-group.com
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