When it comes to heavy-duty construction works, spider cranes are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to access difficult and tight spaces. These cranes are used in trenching, excavation, site preparation, and other heavy-duty tasks. One of the essential components of spider cranes is the hydraulic final drive. Understanding how this device works can help you appreciate its significance in the overall functionality of the spider crane. In this blog post, we will discuss the working mechanism of hydraulic final drives in spider cranes.

What Are Hydraulic Final Drives?

Hydraulic final drives are a type of hydraulic motor that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy for the spider crane to move. In simpler terms, it is the driving force behind the spider crane movement. These devices are usually powered by hydraulic pumps, which generate the hydraulic fluid pressure needed to drive the hydraulic motor.

How Hydraulic Final Drives Work

Hydraulic final drives work by using a series of gears and bearings to convert hydraulic pressure into mechanical energy. The hydraulic fluid under high pressure is directed into the hydraulic motor. The motor's high-pressure hydraulic fluid acts on a set of rotating gears to provide the crane's torque and rotational speed. The hydraulic motor's speed and torque are regulated by adjusting the flow of hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pump.

Components of Hydraulic Final Drives

Hydraulic final drives are made up of several components, including a hydraulic motor, brake, planetary gears, bearings, and shafts. The planetary gears are used to transfer the hydraulic energy from the hydraulic motor to the shaft. Moreover, the bearings provide support to the gears, while the brake helps to control the speed and torque of the crane.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Final Drives

Maintenance of hydraulic final drives is crucial to ensure its optimal performance as it is exposed to various harsh conditions. Regular oil changes, checking the seals, and replacing any worn-out bearings can significantly extend the life span of these hydraulic final drives.

Benefits of Hydraulic Final Drives

Hydraulic final drives offer several benefits. They are highly efficient and can provide more torque output than a mechanical drive system. Moreover, they produce less noise, which can be a significant advantage in noise-sensitive areas. Hydraulic final drives are also more energy-efficient, which can translate into fuel savings for the spider crane operators.

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WEITAI Marketing Department

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