WEITAI marketing team has conducted research on engineering and construction machinery market trends of October 2022. The research results are based on Alibaba’s statistical data.

The engineering and construction machinery category has a buyer size index* of 2444 and a conversion rate of 3.93%. Compare to the same period last year, the market demonstrated 60.8% growth. The supply-demand ratio* is 226.65.

The popularity rating of different categories of engineering and construction machinery is the following:

1.      Earth-moving machinery

2. Construction machinery parts

3.      Concrete machinery

4.      Cranes

5.      Road machinery

6.      Construction machinery attachments

7.      Mortar spray machines

8.      Other construction machinery

9.      Rendering machines

10.    Municipal machinery

The geographic distribution of the top 10 buyers is the following:

1.      USA (buyer size index of 3529)

2.      Indonesia (buyer size index of 2083)

3.      Brazil (buyer size index of 1428)

4.      Turkey (buyer size index of 1409)

5.      Pakistan (buyer size index of 1196)

6.      Russia (buyer size index of 1149)

7.      Italy (buyer size index of 1140)

8.      Vietnam (buyer size index of 1132)

9.      Canada (buyer size index of 1095)

10.    Mexico (buyer size index of 1090)

The hottest keywords for the construction machinery parts are:

1.      Farm construction machinery parts (excavator parts, industrial joystick, construction machinery parts)

2.      Construction machinery parts for engine (excavator parts, construction machinery parts, excavator engine)

3.      Steel construction machinery parts (replacement parts, rubber track pad, concrete pump pipe clamp)

4.      Rubber construction machinery parts (rubber track, rubber track pad, track pad)

5.      Excavator parts (excavator parts, construction machinery parts, hydraulic parts)

6.      Valve for excavator (excavator solenoid valve, hydraulic parts, construction machinery parts)

7.      Standard construction machinery parts (hydraulic pump, caterpillar filter, excavator kawasaki pump)

8.      Main pump (hydraulic pump, excavator hydraulic pump, pump hydraulics)

9.      Construction machinery parts for wheel loader (torque converter, spare parts,2bs315a)

10     Construction machinery parts (construction machinery parts, construction machinery parts, replacement parts)

* Buyer size index refers to the number of business opportunity buyers in the industry’s corresponding cycle, indexed presentation, the larger the value, the larger the market size.

* Supply-demand ratio refers to the number of business opportunity buyers in the industry’s corresponding cycle divided by the number of sellers visited by buyers, the larger the value, the smaller the market competition.

* Inquired product proportion refers to % of products with inquiries out of the total number of products. The higher the value, the more balance between supply and demand.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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