All of us have probably seen many times how easily and effortlessly huge excavators move their attachments. But have you ever wondered what exactly makes it work this way? Well, today we would like to talk about a magical device called a hydraulic rotary actuator.

A hydraulic rotary actuator is a fluid-powered unit, the purpose of which is to convert energy into rotary motion. It creates high torque in tight spaces. How exactly does the hydraulic rotary actuator work? Fluid power from hydraulic oil is either applied to cylinders to move rack-and-pinion assemblies and scotch yokes, or to vaned rotors for direct shaft actuation. Depending on the rotational requirements of given valves or components, hydraulic rotary actuators can move between stops of 90° to 360°. Thanks to their compact size rotary actuators fit in small spaces. Hydraulic actuators are faster and more powerful than pneumatic ones because the high pressures used in hydraulic systems produce greater torque.

The industries where hydraulic rotary actuators are widely used are agriculture, construction, marine, material handling, military, mining, recycling, etc. Utility aerials, rock drills, industrial vehicles, and robotics are just a small part of a huge variety of applications of this device. Hydraulic rotary actuators are also used in self-propelled aerial work platforms and in many vehicle steering systems.

WEITAI is excited to introduce you to its aftermarket hydraulic rotary actuator series. Impressive load bearing capabilities, huge torque output, compact configurations, and reliable performance are the features of WEITAI’s actuators. Depending on customer requirements, our hydraulic rotary actuators can be equipped with factory installed counterbalance valves. Please leave a message to learn more about our product.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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