In the modern world, more and more different professions appear every year. Some of them come and go depending on trends, and some linger. However, there are areas where the demand for certain specialists has remained stable for decades. Hydraulic engineering is one of them.

It is a sub-branch of civil engineering that studies the principles of fluid mechanics and how to apply them in various fields. The work of a hydraulic equipment engineer includes the development and design, installation, and maintenance of hydraulic solutions, laboratory testing of hydraulic fluids, diagnostics and repair of hydraulics, etc.

How to become a hydraulic engineer? First of all, you have to be good at math, physics and chemistry. Enter the university that has a faculty of civil engineering. After getting a bachelor's degree, enroll in one of the master's programs with a specialization in hydraulic engineering. During your studies, try to get an internship in one of the companies with a similar profile. In a field such as engineering, the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice is the most valued. Engineering is an empirical field of study, and without practice it’s worthless.

Where do you study the basics of civil engineering? We have prepared a list of the best universities in the world that are famous for quality education in this field. Check their websites, contact professors and former students and ask about their experience. Good luck!


Bharati Vidyapeeth University


Civil Engineering

National University of Singapore


Civil and Environmental Engineering

University of Oxford


Civil Engineering

Stanford University

USA Civil and Environmental Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

USA Civil and Environmental Engineering

Imperial College London

UK Civil Engineering

ETH Zurich

Switzerland Civil Engineering

University of Toronto

Canada Civil and Mineral Engineering

Tsinghua University

China Civil Engineering

University of Melbourne

Australia Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering

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