In the construction industry, continuous learning and development of employees is key at all levels. The rapid pace with which technology is progressing presents new challenges and opportunities for the industry. Keeping abreast of changes and conducting appropriate training in a timely manner is required to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Over the past few decades, requirements for employees in a variety of positions across the industry have undergone significant changes. Now, to move up the career ladder employees need more than basic education and experience. Younger, tech savvy specialists are well positioned to overtake those who do not keep up with the changes.

The most basic and obvious reason to learn is safety. As we know, the nature of the construction industry means inherent risk. To reduce risk factors for occupational injuries, it is imperative to follow the regulations and rules of operation, which are rapidly changing along with the modernization and automation of equipment. Even if you are already in the position of a manager and are not directly related to production, knowledge of technology and the ability to manage operations will give you confidence that your team is exercising best safety practices.

There are also hidden benefits of continuous learning. Soft skills, such as flexibility and adaptability are highly prized in modern work environments. Some high-profile HR consultants prioritize soft skills over both educational background and work experience. A well-trained employee positively reacts to changes and quickly adapts to new working conditions.

At the company level, a policy of employee development has undeniable advantages. Studies show that the most financially successful organizations are those which invest in their employees by providing systematic professional training. By expanding internal capabilities and increasing workforce flexibility, the company avoids a shortage of qualified employees and is less exposed to short-term changes in the economy.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marekting Department

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