As we know, there are some industries that are traditionally considered to be ‘masculine’. This includes the construction industry. In the 20th century, the share of men working in construction companies was around 99%, but since the end of the last century, professional gender discrimination has undergone significant changes.

The share of female employees is constantly growing as more and more women choose traditionally “masculine” professions and excel in them. This statement is supported by global statistics and statistics from developed countries. For example, according to the data provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States over the past few years, the number of women in construction has increased by 17%.

The positions occupied by women in construction have also undergone changes. In the past, they could only be met in the offices working as secretaries, though now the number of female engineers, architects and mechanics is growing. According to one study provided by McKinsey & Co, companies with a high percentage of female employees are 25% more successful in terms of revenue than their male-dominated competitors. Another curious study from the same company shows that construction companies where at least 30% of the management are women show the best financial performance.

Despite all these positive indicators, proportionately speaking, women in construction are still relatively rare and make up only about 11% of the total number of employees. Gender discrimination in the "male dominated" industries remains an acute problem in modern society. Stereotypes about women who "won't have enough time to work because of the need to take care of children" and who are "not strong enough for this kind of physical work" continue to exist. We would like to believe that the trend of increasing the number of women in construction will grow. At WEITAI we believe that professionalism has no gender and we happily hire both women and men for various positions in our company.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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