What do people think when they see ‘Made in China’ on a product? Has it changed over the last years? Is it possible to produce high-quality goods for a low price? In this article, we would like to answer these questions and challenge some stereotypes about Chinese products.

Since 2001, China has been the world’s largest manufacturer or as they say, “the world’s factory”. There are plenty of reasons for this including relatively low labor costs, a unique business environment, and favorable government regulations and support. However, not many people realize that for the last 10 years Chinese manufacturers have focused on strengthening the quality of their goods. To support companies’ quality improvements, the Chinese government has been successfully implementing ‘Made in China 2025’, a national project which is aimed at modernizing manufacturing and improving the quality of national products by 2025.

Unfortunately, in the minds of ordinary people and some business owners, Made-in-China goods are still associated with low quality and low prices. This stereotype makes it challenging for businesses dedicated to excellence to build their reputation in the international market. Many importers ask for a quality product but are unwilling to pay a reasonable price. When a cheap product fails to meet their high expectations, they may quickly blame the “Chinese product”. But you get what you pay for, right?

At WEITAI, when we talk to our customers for the first time, we frequently must answer the questions “why aren’t your products cheaper?” and “why should we choose WEITAI over other Chinese manufacturers of mobile hydraulics?”.

Well, first of all, think of the production cost for top-quality products such as those manufactured by WEITAI. High-quality materials, the newest automated production lines, and durable packaging are not that cheap, even here in China. Of course, in theory, every manufacturer can decrease the cost by choosing lower quality materials and equipment, but when your merchandise breaks within a few months, would you go back and buy from this manufacturer again? We doubt it.

To fight against the Made-in-China stereotype, we use fully automated production lines in our factories, we only work with properly certified material suppliers, and we conduct meticulous quality control during the manufacturing process and prior to shipment. We are not just willing to supply our customers with top-quality hydraulics, we are 100% capable of doing that. This is confirmed by the fact that our major clients have been cooperating with us for years and we have only received positive feedback from them. They know that even though our prices aren’t as low as some of our competitors our product is superior. Investing in better hydraulics today saves you money and time in the long run.

To sum up, we would like to tell you that high-quality goods are Made in China every day—you only have to be willing to pay for them.

Alisa Sergienko

WEITAI Marketing Department

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